It’s only two weeks to go until we all get to enjoy a special extended bank holiday weekend in celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and for many of us this will mean a street party to celebrate the historic milestone.

But if you’re throwing a street party chances are, you’re going to be left with a whole lot of mess to clean-up, so in this month’s newsletter we thought we’d share our top tips for getting the job done quickly and easily!


  1. Collect up bottles and disposable tableware and put into the relevant recycling bin. Then collect all the non-recyclable waste including any unwanted food that can’t be composted, then put it in your outside bin.


  1. Soak china plates and metal cutlery to soften dried-on food and stop odours until you’re ready to wash them and wipe surfaces with a multi- surface cleaner to remove sticky residues.


  1. RELAX with a cup of tea and put your feet up – you’ve earned it!


Some people hate cleaning and find it a chore, whereas here at Archway Facilities we love it and can’t wait to get our gloves on! So, when you return to your office after the long weekend, we can ensure that our team will have made everything sparkling clean!

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