100% CQC Compliant

23/02/2021 by

Eve Ashby

From an NHS doctors’ surgery to a dental practice, cleaning a medical environment requires special Care Quality Commission (CQC) qualifications to ensure cleaning companies like us adhere to a series of guidelines that comply with cleanliness and infection control.

Following these guidelines, requires a high level of intensive cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation to make sure any medical facility is safe and provides a clean environment both for patients and medical staff.

Generally, there are two different types of areas in a medical office building:

Clinical areas: These are the spaces that deal directly with patients. For example, waiting areas, exam rooms, and the common areas of the building such as stairways, entryways, and restrooms

Non-Clinical areas: This includes areas where patients do not have access, such business offices.

To clean these areas you first start with the basics of cleaning; floors, dusting, cleaning washrooms and then it’s time for the higher level, intensive cleaning tasks that are vital to make sure any medical facility is clean and safe.

Germs are most commonly spread by touching surfaces, rails and light switches, but the appropriate use of cleaners and disinfectants can stop the spread of infection. 

Cleaning and disinfection might sound like the same things, but they are actually very different. Cleaning refers to the process of removing dust and dirt whereas disinfection is the process of dealing with harmful germs and microorganisms.

Products that clean vs. disinfect are surfactant based. Surfactant is a compound that interacts with water to breakdown and remove soil, a.k.a. anything that makes an object or surface dirty such as dirt, oil, food, etc whereas disinfectants on the other hand are used to destroy bacteria.

A specially trained cleaning team will not only ensure that your medical office is sanitised and hygienic, but will also ensure that the job is done quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly, and at a price that is surprisingly affordable. 

So, if you are looking for a highly accredited cleaning service for your doctors’ surgery or dental practice you have come to the right place.