The Archway Facilities Photoshoot

12/04/2023 by

Eve Ashby

Take a peek a the Archway Facilities Cleaning photoshoot!

Here at Archway Facilities Cleaning, we are getting ready for a rebrand and wanted some professional images for marketing our new look. We plan to use these images for things like Facebook ads, new marketing campaigns and our new website.

Getting ready for the photoshoot

We started by gathering some inspiration pictures for our shoot and choosing a location and photographer. Then we sourced some photography props like cleaning supplies (brushes, mops and dusters) in our trademark turquoise colour to tie in with our company uniform and logo.

Once we’d booked the photographer, we chatted on the phone to discuss the finer details of the Archway Facilities Cleaning photoshoot and share our vision with her. During this meeting, we discussed things like our plans for the final photoshoot images, location ideas, props and other logistics.

On the day of the shoot

On the day our photographer took a range of different shots, including head shots of the office team (which you can now view on our About Us page) and some branding images to capture our company director Snezana and also our cleaning team. So, to achieve a good mix of images our photographer used a variety of angles and made use of all the different backgrounds and bright spaces around the office.

The final photos

We are really pleased with the final photos. They look bright and light and really highlight our turquoise uniform and logo. Our cleaning team photos will be mostly used on our social media pages and the photos of our company director Snezana will be used to create a new page on our website about Snezana’s story creating the business and celebrating 10 years of Archway Facilities!

Now let’s take a little look at some of the final photos below…

Archway Facilities Cleaning photoshoot

Archway Facilities Cleaning photoshoot

Archway Facilities Cleaning photoshoot Archway Facilities Cleaning photoshoot

Archway Facilities Cleaning photoshoot

With thanks to our cleaning team who did a great job as models on the day and of course our photographer Leigh Farmer