Cleaning Communal Areas

20/01/2023 by

Eve Ashby

The communal areas of offices are often very busy, high-traffic spaces that collect dirt very easily and therefore consequently require regular cleaning. These spaces differ according to each workplace, but common areas could be the main entrance and reception area – hallways, staircases and lifts – bathrooms, toilets, customer service areas and canteens.

Cleaning Reception Areas

When visitors first arrive inside the building, communal areas like the main entrance and reception area are often the first area they will see so it should look welcoming as it’s a reflection on the people that manage the property. This is why keeping communal areas clean at all times is extremely important in order to maintain a positive image and create the right first impression for your customers.

Why Hire A Professional Cleaning Company?

We know that most businesses don’t have time to clean thoroughly themselves, especially when you are focusing on your customers. Plus because communal areas are shared, often no one has direct responsibility for them. And who wants to spend time tidying up the mess of others if it’s not their responsibility! However, this can mean that issues don’t get reported, items don’t get replaced and standards soon slip and become a problem. Which is why handing this work to a professional cleaning company ensures cleaning standards are always met. Meaning you can enjoy a sparkling clean communal area without the hassle of looking after it yourself!

Why Choose Archway Facilities Commercial Cleaning Company?

Here at Archway Facilities commercial cleaning company, we carry out communal cleans on buildings of different sizes and have cleaning teams to suit any job. Our management teams will work to create a cleaning specification tailored to your building and our supervisors will make sure that requirements are carried out to a high standard. Also, because this type of cleaning often has to occur “around people” our cleaners are mindful of people at work and always aim for minimal distribution. This is why the communal area cleaning service that we provide will ensure the highest standards of cleaning are maintained throughout your property.

About Archway Facilities.

Whilst you may not want us to be there every day, we can arrange to visit your premises at an agreed frequency, to suit your business. For large offices we can be available throughout the day or we can visit in the evening or weekend when the office is quiet. We offer a reliable team of cleaners with good work ethic and at competitive rates. We also have full liability insurance and proper health and safety training. Our highly trained cleaners are directly employed, uniformed and professional. So, if you are looking for a cleaning company to carry out regular or even one-off cleans, we can help!

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