Commercial Business Cleaning In Exeter

03/04/2024 by

Eve Ashby

Archway Facilities commercial business cleaning in Exeter is all you need to have your office cleaned and maintained. We clean a wide range of commercial business from offices, industrial units and healthcare practices throughout the Exeter area from the city centre business district of Southernhay to the Skypark business Park in Clyst Honiton.

We bring a level of expertise and efficiency that goes beyond what an in-house cleaning team can typically achieve and by outsourcing your cleaning tasks, your commercial business can focus more on your core operations. So, if you are not sure whether a professional commercial cleaning service is a worthwhile investment, take a look at the benefits you stand to enjoy when you hire Archway Facilities cleaning services to take care of your commercial office.

A Cleaner Workplace

A tidy space can help to lower stress levels and improve focus. Which is why at Archway Facilities Cleaning Company we’ve spent time developing our methodical approach to cleaning, enabling our teams to service areas thoroughly and logically. So, to keep your office healthy and sparkling we offer a daily clean, a weekly clean or a twice-weekly visit, which will make your employees feel more cared for.

A Safer Working Environment 

Regular office cleaning is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment and overall wellness. All sorts of bacteria and germs thrive in unclean places, especially the most frequently touched surfaces in your offices like keyboards, door handles, and communal spaces. But by having a committed team for cleansing these areas it will help to reduce the spread of illness in the workplace by reducing the accumulation of dust, allergens, and harmful bacteria.

Reduced Office Maintenance Costs

Regularly cleaned floors and office furniture will serve you well for longer, reducing your office maintenance costs over time. Professional cleaners use the right techniques and products to maintain these assets, preventing premature wear and tear. This maintenance not only ensures that the office environment remains aesthetically pleasing but also reduces the frequency and cost of repairs and replacements in the long term.

Choose us as your commercial cleaning company because our cleaning services offer some of the best quality cleaning in Exeter and affordable rates that have made us so popular with our clients. Please do take a look at our customer reviews here: (Reviews Page). Plus, with contracts starting from two hours per week (and going up to as many as you like), no matter how many hours you have, we will ensure your office cleaning needs are met.

Archway Facilities Office Cleaning Team

Our professional cleaners are trained in the most effective cleaning methods allowing them to clean more thoroughly and quickly than someone without this specialised training. So, if you are ready to ensure that your office employees are safe, productive, and happy, then you should contact us today! Call us on tel: 01392 979360, or we can meet with you personally, to discuss in detail your requirements and work out a schedule that works for you.