Commercial Event Cleaning in Exeter

09/05/2024 by

Eve Ashby

Looking for a cleaning team to help with an event you’re running? Whether you’re hosting a one-off event or need a regular clean, we can help! Archway Facilities has more than 10 years of event cleaning experience and already cleans in a variety of unique venues in Exeter including Sandy Park stadium, wedding venues, event trade shows, business seminars and conferences.

Why Choose Our Cleaning Company

We provide professional, uniformed teams for small, medium and large-scale events, with cleaning before, during and after the event. Our professional event cleaners ensure that your venue is clean and well-maintained, and we are extremely proud to be able to deliver excellent results each and every time.

Our Event Cleaning Service

Event cleaning involves a wide range of tasks including getting the venue ready before the event takes place by vacuuming, dusting, and setting up tables and chairs. Then during the event we regularly inspect and maintain toilets to ensure they are clean and fully functional while restocking with necessary supplies like toilet paper and hand soap. We also empty bins regularly, pick up litter, and clean up spillages quickly to avoid accidents. Then cleaning after an event, especially after a large gathering, can be time-consuming so our cleaners work quickly to get your venue back to normal.

Supervising Our Event Cleaners

To help our cleaners deliver a high-quality service, we use an onsite supervisor to manage the team. One of the most important duties of our supervisor is task assignment by providing a clear checklist and time management to ensure our cleaners work quickly and efficiently. By prioritising tasks based on urgency and updating the schedule with any necessary adjustments we can ensure everything stays spotless.

Choose Archway Facilities Event Cleaning

Cleanliness and maintenance are crucial aspects of running a successful event so our cleaners pay attention to small details which can make a big difference in maintaining cleanliness and creating a positive guest experience. So, whether it’s a wedding, sporting event or corporate gathering choose Archway Facilities Cleaning with our committed and experienced professional event cleaners.