Car Showroom Cleaning

14/10/2021 by

Eve Ashby

Showroom cleaning

Car showrooms are the opportunity to display the cars at their best, which is why they need a regular, thorough and effective cleaning service to create a welcoming visitor environment. Because when a potential customer walks into a sparkling showroom it will reflect the quality of the vehicles and their attention will go straight to the cars. But in contrast, a dirty showroom will soon distract from the cars that you are trying to sell, and this will have a negative impact on your buyer’s experience and therefore your sales too. So, it’s essential for car showrooms to maintain an immaculate and presentable appearance at all times in order to attract new customers and sell cars.

Floor Cleaning

The nature of car showrooms means multiple vehicles are on display and cars have to be moved in and out on a regular basis in order to display different or new models. But most car showrooms have a high gloss tiled or polished floor that can show marks very easily and so these cars can frequently leave dark tyre tracks across the floors. But we can ensure that the high shine flooring found in showrooms are all clean and shiny by cleaning regularly with suitable cleaning products for the surface and getting around and beneath display vehicles to carry out a thorough clean.

Cleaning Needs

In addition to the main showroom, car dealerships have other areas with different cleaning needs, including reception spaces, carpeted areas such as offices or meeting rooms, bathrooms and communal staff rooms such as kitchens. But our experienced teams of commercial cleaners possess the knowledge, skills and equipment to get the job done to the highest possible standards. Whether that’s polishing floors, creating immaculate, pleasant-smelling toilets and washrooms or well-presented refreshment areas we know the best processes, products and equipment needed to impress customers from the moment they walk through the door.

Cleaning Team

Our trustworthy cleaning staff understand the extra care that’s needed to maintain a clean and fresh appearance at all times. They have many years’ experience behind them and can work flexible schedules to suit your needs including late evenings, early mornings or weekends. At larger showrooms, with multiple cleaning operatives, we will appoint a team leader/working supervisor and this employee’s role is to carry out regular checks to ensure good standards are being consistently maintained. This will then positively influence car sales and support your sales team’s success.