How do you keep on top of cleaning standards?

23/10/2019 by

Eve Ashby

How many times have you bumped into a new member of your cleaning team and they’ve looked… well, a little unsure about the job in hand? Even if they’re being supervised, the supervisor is also on a tight schedule and can’t watch them all the time… So, are you actually getting value for money, and are you sure that what’s being cleaned is supposed to be cleaned?

This isn’t about the CQC it’s about patient safety and we should act as role models when it comes to having a clean working environment. Your cleaning team should be on top of this. You should not cut corners and expect your staff to ensure standards are kept, the reception staff has enough to do! To make sure you are on top of your cleaning a regulated trained team is what you need.

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 all primary care medical practices in England must register with the Care Quality Commission. The registration process and ongoing compliance and monitoring relate to cleanliness and infection control within any governed practice.

The CQC (Care Quality Commission) specifies that health practices should provide and maintain a clean and appropriate environment, that facilitates the prevention and control of infections. The office provides a cleaning and maintenance hygiene practice following CQC guidelines, by supplying a flexible, effective cleaning plan tailored specifically to your business needs.

  • A bespoke cleaning plan, managed in detail and reviewed at regular intervals to ensure a solid routine is in place and adhered to
  • An auditable paper trail showing the roles and responsibilities of all cleaning staff
  • Colour coded equipment to help prevent the spread of infection and contamination
  • Excellent supervision to ensure all practices are monitored appropriately
  • Regular communication with the Practice Manager/GP ensuring a proactive approach to maintaining the standards of cleanliness – Advice on all health and safety issues, COSHH and the introduction of new and better antibacterial products when available