Hygiene Risks for Gym Businesses

23/10/2019 by

Eve Ashby

It comes as no surprise that your gym isn’t the safest, most sanitary place in the world. It’s why you’re supposed to wipe down equipment and wear shower shoes and sanitize your hands religiously. Which you obviously always do, right?

Gyms like many public places harbour bacteria, but gyms are a well-researched hotspot for germs that can produce illness or infection. Providing a clean environment for your gym or health club is a priority for your customers and will enhance member experience and satisfaction.

Gyms accumulate many germs due to a large number of people using the same machines on a constant basis. Over a day, gym equipment is subject to sweaty hands, dirty shoes, blood, sweat and maybe even some tears! Every time someone uses a treadmill, they’re transferring dirt (and worse) from their trainers to the conveyor. After as little as ten people, you can begin to see the dust and dirt accumulate on the track as well as the buttons and handles. You can see why clients have specific “gym shoes” but not all do, so bring the outside dirt into your pristine gym.

The fitness area can retain odours and unpleasant smells, and dangerous bacteria which can contribute to the spread of contagious diseases if the areas are not sanitized properly. Bad odours can make the client experience very unpleasant, but they can easily be eliminated by using the correct cleaning procedures. Swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, showers and toilets are all ridden with germs on surfaces and floors.

Make a good impression
You are not going to make your monthly recruitment figures if customers are turned off by their noses as soon as they enter the main gym. The clientele will be quick to leave if your facilities smell like someone elses old sweaty trainers. Grime marks left on machines buttons are a tell-tell that they are not wiped as often as they should be.

Pay attention to the floor
Not only is this a high traffic area, but slips and trips can lead to serious injury. Make sure areas are clean (and free of loose weights and equipment to keep fire exit routes clear). A slippery floor with weights is an accident waiting to happen. A thorough clean will also spot any areas of wear and tear.

Don’t think your customers are going to clean for you
You may have a notice to politely remind clients to wipe off the equipment after use or to use a towel during their session. They are not going to remind staff every time the sanitizer pump has run dry or no cleaning wipes are left so make this part of your staffs hourly gym floor checks.

Keep communal areas clean
Fairly obvious, but who wants to pay a gym fee to climb past items stored in full view of clients making the place look untidy. A neet, clean and welcoming front entrance clear of clutter is what will get clients moving freely into the changing rooms and gym areas. Your first impression starts here!

Deep clean!
The layering of scented items is not going to rid the bacteria causing the smell. Periodic deep cleans to support your regular cleans means keeping on top of bacteria magnets! Steam Rooms and Saunas can quickly become no go areas as clients shy from the hot grubby surroundings. Put your customer hat for this experience and see if they would be happy with the cleanliness?

Ensuring your gym is hygienically clean
Ask us! Archway Facilities team is more than happy to take a tour of your facilities and show you what your missing and where we can help!