Impress Your Guests With Our Hotel Cleaning

10/09/2021 by

Eve Ashby

Cleaning is the most vital department in all hotels because guests really take notice if cleanliness is not up to standard.

Hotel cleaning

When creating the perfect hotel experience for your guests, part of the plan has to include a thorough housekeeping routine. Get it right and a clean hotel room will ensure that hotel guests enjoy their stay and feel comfortable that the rooms in your hotel are properly cared for.

Room Cleaning

Hotel rooms are used by hundreds of different guests each year and yet should feel completely new to each person! Which is why it’s the role of the cleaning staff to ensure that there is no evidence of any previous occupants, and that every room is completely clean from top to bottom. Because even the nicest of rooms will not impress your guests if they are not clean. 

Cleaning Check List

If you want your guest bedrooms to be as clean as possible, you’ll need to have an effective housekeeping strategy in place. That means working out how many staff you need to employ per shift and creating a checklist for them to follow in each area to ensure cleaning standards are met. Because if your staff know exactly which steps to take from the moment they enter a room, it will help to stop anything from being forgotten or overlooked.

Cleaning Against The Clock!

Housekeeping staff have a challenging task because they need to clean rooms quickly and efficiently to allow for a quick changeover of guests. So with only a very short amount of time to get in, clean, tidy and leave, the cleaning team is really working against the clock! So we advise our cleaning staff remove all of the clutter from an area before cleaning it, so that wiping down surfaces will be quick and easy.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms tend to be much more prone to build-ups of dirt, mould and hair than the bedroom, so staff need to be methodical and very thorough when cleaning this area to make sure that surfaces are disinfected and thoroughly cleaned for the next arriving guest.

Cleaning Bedrooms

Dusting is a quick and easy job, but it’s very easy to forget certain surfaces in hotel rooms. So we always recommend our cleaning team starts by dusting the upper shelves and works their way down to the baseboards. Because working in this way will ensure they don’t have to wipe surfaces twice, as the dust and dirt particles fall from top to bottom. We also advise that they shake out the curtains every few days to knock the dust off of them before vacuuming the floors.

Deep Cleaning

Scheduling in a routine deep clean of the hotel will help reduce any build-up of dirt, and essentially set the condition of the hotel room back to “like new”. In a deep clean, we would clean carpets, beds and upholstery using expert-level cleaning products which can only be used by professionals because these products are more effective and more concentrated. 

Hotel Reviews

The hospitality business is built on guest’s happiness and satisfaction and our cleaning teams are always aware of the huge role that they play in the profitability of the hotel, as their work is what guests are scrutinising from the second they walk into their room and for the duration of their stay. Sites like TripAdvisor have huge social power and the majority of customers will read online reviews on this site before booking a hotel. So if you want to impress your guests, a high-quality cleaning service will ensure that your hotel guests will enjoy a clean room and then you can enjoy positive reviews from your satisfied customers.