Keeping Your Office Staffroom or Kitchen Clean

26/04/2024 by

Eve Ashby

Keeping an office staffroom or communal kitchen clean can be one of the biggest challenges of any office because many workers believe that cleaning this space is not their responsibility! So, if your communal kitchen, staffroom or break area are always cluttered, dishes are left unwashed and an overflowing bin is creating a nasty smell, then it’s time to call in a professional cleaning company like Archway Facilities.

Why You Need A Clean Staffroom

Staff-rooms and office kitchens serve as vital communal spaces for your staff to go when they are taking a break. These communal spaces are more than just areas to grab a coffee or heat up lunch they’re also somewhere away from their desk or the shop floor, where they can relax for five minutes during their working day. But office kitchens can quickly become unhygienic if they’re not properly cleaned and sanitised which could then lead to a rise in sick days taken by your staff.

Our Professional Cleaning Service

Every workplace will have different requirements for their cleaning depending on whether you have a communal kitchen, staffroom or other communal space that receives a lot of footfall. However, in all these places surfaces such as the counter tops, fridge doors, microwave buttons and the kettle switch will all be high-use surfaces that require special attention as they are most likely to spread harmful bacteria. So, our professional cleaning service will ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to make these surfaces clean and free of germs because ensuring that the office staffroom remains sanitised and well-maintained makes employees feel valued.

Our office staffroom clean will include the following cleaning tasks:

Disinfect and sanitise all handles, and switches with a disinfectant.

Wipe down all surfaces including worktops, tiles, and splashbacks.

Clean all dirty dishes and cutlery.

If the workplace has a dishwasher ensure this is filled, washed, and emptied.

Empty all food waste bins and replace bin liners.

Refill soap dispensers and hand towels.

Mop all hard floors.

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Today’s modern workplaces are busy places, and often your workers just don’t have time to clean the communal areas thoroughly so if you’re looking for a professional cleaning company, then do get in touch with us. After all, we have been offering a commercial cleaning service in Exeter for over 10 years! Just give us a call on 01392 979360 or send us an email to [email protected]