Let’s start fresh this year!

23/12/2020 by

Eve Ashby

There’s just something about the New Year that makes us want to clear the decks and give everything a wipe down. Which is why it’s the perfect time to have a thorough clean of your entire office. Because by decluttering and starting with a clean, fresh slate you’ll feel ready for the year ahead and motivated to keep things organised. 

So today, I’m sharing my 5 favourite ways to do exactly that so you can head into the new year refreshed and ready for success!!

  • Start with a deep clean

A really good deep clean is such a good way to start the year because once the worst is out of the way and your office is spick and span, you can get on with a clean slate 

Take a good look around and note everything down that needs to be done. We’d recommend beginning with the hardest and most time-consuming tasks, and work towards the quickest and easiest. As you tick off each job, you’ll feel motivated to keep going and get the rest done. 

Also have a careful look around as you clean, looking closely at anything that needs extra attention like stains, scuffs or scratches. Dealing with it now rather than later when you or someone else will eventually spot it will be a huge help.

  • Clean your workspace

Your workspace should be an inspirational and productive place TO DO WORK. If you keep putting off organising it in the belief that you’ll ‘do it another day’ you will probably always have an excuse not to start! It may sound simple but tidying your desk on a weekly basis will make things much easier in the long run. 

  • Have a blitz on paperwork

Go through all of your paperwork. Every single bit of it! Now have a think about whether your current paperwork storage is enough. Do you need a filing cabinet? If you don’t have the space, then some simple trays to keep your paperwork in can be brilliant. 

  • Clean your carpets

Carpets and upholstery that have absorbed six months’ worth of dirt and germs will need a deep clean to get them ready for the rest of the year’s wear. If you don’t have a carpet cleaner, we can handle the job for you at a reasonable price. And it’s well worth it because it will breathe new life into your carpets and will also make your entire office smell fresh!

  • Give your business a gift

If you want that fresh start feeling all year long, then hiring a professional cleaning team like us will make business (and life) easier in the New Year! Cleaning can be time-consuming, especially if you want to do a good job, but we can give your business a fresh start every day, week, month, and year with our regular cleaning service.  

So why not treat yourself to the luxury of hiring a professional cleaning company to tackle those bigger or dreaded jobs for you. After all, a clean and well-maintained office runs smoother and requires fewer expensive service visits.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about cleaning your office for the New Year! I hope these tips have given you some motivation to get cleaning!