Professional end of tenancy clean

03/04/2020 by

Eve Ashby

Why you need a professional end of tenancy clean

Tenancy agreements contain many clauses, and leaving the property clean at the end of a tenancy is part of it. But in reality, will the Tennant during a stressful move have time to deep clean? This is what you the landlord may be expecting, but the reality is very different. An extremely tidy property with minimum damage is the best you can wish for.

Keeping on top of cleaning and maintenance.

A tenant should hand over the property in the same condition as they received it in. Most tenants usually don’t cause any problems and leave the property in an acceptable condition. But the end of tenancy cleaning standards is a notable issue when it comes to a crucial reason for deposit deductions.

Checking over the property, specifics of the last clean all waste time when you could have your next tenant in place. Have this cost budgeted into your overall rental charges and you will reap this many times over. By keeping on top of the deep cleans prospective tenants able to see a clean livable space they can move straight into.

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Add value to your rental

Having had a professional end of tenancy clean is very likely to enhance the rental value of the property. Our end of tenancy cleaners provides you the best option that guarantees the deep cleaning of a property beyond expectation.

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Do you have multiple tenants, such as large student accommodation? Over the summer months, students will want their items locked away safely and be able to return to a cleanroom. Temporary summer guests will expect basic yet clean, tidy and functional rooms and facilities on their arrival. You need to be ready to let out maybe for private rentals over the summer months in a very short amount of time.

Why call Archway Facilities in

Archway Facilities transforms hundreds of rooms after student departures every summer. We have experienced teams to manage this transitional period, and we make it a stress-free exercise for our customers providing them with 24hr support to achieve those tight turn rounds.

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A guaranteed 2, 3 or 4-year course for a student gives you a regular rental income. Therefore knowing what dates the term breaks up means so you can schedule in boiler services and any major refurbishments. By scheduling at the end of tenancy cleans keeps your investment in tip-top condition.

Some of the smartest student accommodation in Exeter City are a far cry from the old-style student digs you may expect. Just take a look at the Exeter Collgiate student buildings Archway Facilities cleaned to see how far students have come.

Have confidence in the Archway Team to keep your student’s accommodation gleaming! Give us a call: 01392 203901