Reducing Our Cleaning Company’s Carbon Footprint

21/05/2024 by

Eve Ashby

We only have one planet and so over the past few years our company has been working hard behind the scenes to focus on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. As part of our journey towards becoming carbon neutral we’ve been looking across all of the different areas of our business to gradually reduce our company’s carbon emissions and become more eco-friendly.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

We started by looking at the equipment and cleaning products we use for ways to improve and chose to swap to environmentally friendly cleaning products in recyclable packaging. Traditional cleaning solutions frequently contain hazardous chemicals that can contribute to air and water pollution, so switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products was a key step towards lowering our carbon footprint.

Multi Surface Cleaning Spray

Our new eco-friendly multi surface cleaning spray contains no hazardous chemicals, making it safer for the environment and our employees without compromising on performance. Traditional cleaning chemicals can be harmful to the environment if poured down the drain or when cloths are rinsed in the sink, but our new chemical free cleaning spray is 100% natural.

Reusable Cleaning Cloths

We also swapped to using reusable microfibre cloths which are regularly washed, as this swap reduced the volume of waste generated, compared to single use products. We also strive to reduce paper use whenever possible which is why all our contract management is completed electronically.

Promoting Environmental Awareness

It is up to every single one of us to make a positive environmental contribution and so promoting environmental awareness with our employees is a top-priority. One of the things we ask them to consider is the commuting impact of their journey to work. Because by using local transport like buses, trains or bikes they can have a more affordable journey that also benefits the environment.

Electric Van

At present, we are changing our van to an eclectic model to ensure we have the most advanced and sustainable transport on the market. Our company van is logistically necessary for our cleaning company to complete our daily work, but by choosing to use an electric van, rather than petrol or diesel model, it is fundamentally better for the environment and sustainability.

Green Cleaning In Exeter

We firmly believe it is possible to provide an outstanding commercial cleaning service that meets the needs of our clients and does not negatively impact the environment. So if you’re looking for a green cleaning company in the Exeter area please call us on 01392 979360.