School Cleaning For Ofsted Inspections

04/05/2021 by

Eve Ashby

At Archway Facilities we are responsible for ensuring the highest standards of cleaning in a growing number of schools throughout the South West because without specialised cleaning services like ours, schools are put under extra pressure managing their own in-house cleaning teams. This team management requires the time and energy of already overstretched teachers, especially if the cleaning team prove to not be competent or capable enough to ensure standards are kept high. So, we are the first choice for many schools that need a reliable cleaning service with a highly specialised team because we provide the peace of mind that this key service is taken care of by a company they can trust.

As experienced school cleaners, we appreciate the size and scale of educational buildings and can manage multiple communal areas and large teaching rooms, to ensure the whole building is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Which is a top priority because Education Watchdog Ofsted places great importance on schools maintaining high levels of cleanliness. Also having a clean and pleasant environment is important to give both students and teachers reassurance that their health and safety is a top priority because cleaning minimises the spread of infectious diseases and harmful germs. 

When our trusted, professional cleaning team regularly oversee the upkeep of your classrooms, they cover everything from waste removal through to window cleaning and hard floor polishing. But we also understand that cleaning is about more than just keeping your classrooms and corridors clean. It’s also about creating the right environment in which to learn and so our friendly and professional team of cleaners will make sure that your classroom looks its very best every single day by using high-quality, professional cleaning products and specialist equipment.

We work with each school to understand their needs, before developing a cleaning schedule that is tailored to meet their exact requirements. Working around normal teaching hours to ensure minimal disruption to staff and students, we take into account the school’s timetable, peak times and high traffic zones to ensure maximise efficiency. We also understand the importance of safeguarding, which is why all the education cleaning staff we deploy are experienced, fully trained and DBS-checked, so schools can relax, safe in the knowledge that their cleaning is in good hands.

So, when it comes to the safety of the students and staff of your school, it’s no time to cut corners for budgetary purposes. Weigh the cost of absentee staff and students versus the cost of a professional cleaning service, and you’ll see that it’s in your best interest to hire a cleaning company on a regular basis. Because from the teaching staff’s perspective, it helps create a positive environment for learning and enhances health and wellbeing for students. And for budgetary reasons it also ensures that the whole building and any equipment is better protected and maintained and creates a vital good impression if you were inspected by Ofsted.