Spring Cleaning

10/03/2022 by

Eve Ashby

Now that Spring is almost here and warm weather is just around the corner, it can only mean one thing—time for spring cleaning!

So, what exactly is spring cleaning, and why would you choose to spring clean your commercial property?

Spring cleans tend to be deeper cleans than those that take place during the rest of the year. This is because whilst regular cleaning makes your surroundings look more professional and welcoming, a deep spring clean will have the cleaners working hard to get behind furniture to ensure every corner of the property is spotless.

Once you start cleaning, you will be surprised at how much dust your office furniture will have gathered over the winter.

Over the winter months dirt and debris will have build-up everywhere in your property and some areas which are neglected like behind cabinets, shelving and displays can benefit greatly from a thorough dusting. Which is why these deep cleans are an ideal time to move out cabinets and units to remove any accumulated dirt from under, behind and around these often-unmoved units.  

What are the other areas to tackle in a spring clean?
Floor cleaning

Another area to pay attention to in a spring clean is the flooring because winter boots track dirt and damp through any commercial property. This means your carpets will likely be looking grubby and in need of a deep clean to lift trodden in dirt and any hard surface flooring could be looking scuffed, dull and worn. But our team of expert cleaners can work quickly and safely to restore the appearance of your flooring without ever interrupting your normal flow of business.

Window Cleaning

Over the winter, sleet and rain can leave your windows looking grubby and you may not even realise just how much natural light you’re losing due to the film of dirt. But once the spring sunlight begins shining it will highlight all the marks on your windowpanes which makes spring the perfect time to get a professional window clean inside and outside. This will brighten up every room and make sure daylight and the view are the focus of your windows, and not its uncleanliness.

All commercial spaces can certainly benefit from a thorough spring clean as it’s a chance to get to all those hard-to-reach places and our professional cleaners are fully trained and insured to provide a high standard of commercial cleaning at very competitive rates. So, if you want your spring-cleaning service done to an expert standard contact us today to freshen up your facility for the upcoming spring season.

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