Tips To Keep A Clean Office This Winter

12/01/2022 by

Eve Ashby

Winter Cleaning:

Winter poses unique challenges to keeping your office clean, fresh and welcoming. Each new visitor will track foliage, wetness and dirt from the outside and it will consequently mean extra effort is needed to keep your floors dry and your premises looking professional. So, we’ve outlined a few winter cleaning tips to keep your office a clean and happy place during winter:

Cleaning Floors And Carpets:

The weather is cold, the puddles outside are muddy, and your team are tracking in dirt from their commute! This will make your carpets and floors look grubby quickly and they will need regular cleaning. So, to help keep your carpets and floor surfaces clean, we’ve compiled some top tips that will help you reduce wintry detritus and clean up any mess that does make it through your door…

  • Your first priority should be to add mats at each entrance where people can wipe their feet to collect all that extra wet and dirt. This can help to keep your entry looking clean and will help sop up the damp to prevent people from slipping on wet floors.
  • Keeping your floors mopped is an important part of keeping your office clean in the winter. While you may need to mop customer areas frequently throughout the day to prevent safety issues, our office cleaning service can do the heavy work of cleaning and polishing floors after business hours.
  • Also, to keep your space spick and span during muddier months, you may want to schedule in a more regular deep clean of your carpet using a steam cleaner to keep your space looking more professional.

Window Cleaning:

At this time of year, it’s also important to check the windows around your building. Are they dirty? Natural light is something that everyone lacks in the winter and dirty windows look cloudy and reduce the amount of sunlight that comes into the office. But clean windows will let much more sunlight into your office and this natural light boosts the moods of your employees and makes a good impression on customers.

Regular Cleaning and Disinfecting:

During the winter months, your office should be regularly cleaned and disinfected, even when we aren’t dealing with a pandemic! Disinfecting shared spaces is one of the most important things you can do to protect your office because it just takes one person to spread germs through your entire company! So, to keep your office safe and healthy this winter it’s a good idea to be extra stringent in your cleaning and disinfecting routine, with regular and thorough cleaning using an antibacterial spray over door handles, phones, keyboards, tables and public areas to kill viruses and prevent the spread of germs.

Although you could try to do all this yourself, the workload is higher in the winter and it’s best left for after hours, when everyone has gone home. Luckily our professional cleaning company could be available to handle the extra load for you, to help you keep your office always looking clean and professional. Call us on 01392 979360 for a free quote.