Touch-point Cleaning

29/01/2021 by

Eve Ashby

The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced why it is so important to ensure offices are cleaned and disinfected frequently. 

It is a fact that some germs are able to live on surfaces such as doorknobs for several hours before they die. In this time there is the potential for many people to pick them up on their hands and transfer them to other places, but if doors were disinfected properly and regularly this action alone would get rid of 99.9% of germs. 

This is why, here at Archway Facilities are going beyond standard cleaning processes and focusing more on touchpoint cleaning. Touchpoint cleaning is the process of disinfecting key areas or items that are touched frequently throughout the day. These objects include doorknobs, light switches, rails, elevator buttons, keyboards, coffee machines, printers and any other surfaces that see frequent human contact. 

In general, surfaces that are hard and smooth will support viruses longer than soft surfaces and simply dusting over these items to make them look clean does not ensure you kill the germs that are invisible to the naked eye. This is why we use the right products to both sanitise as well as clean, ensuring that surfaces are free from bacteria.

Even after COVID-19 has finally died out, it’s important to continue with touchpoint cleaning because Keeping the workforce healthy is something that can be achieved through proper cleaning rituals that are thorough as well as regular. 

Here at Archway Facilities, we offer a comprehensive office cleaning service which will not only ensure your office is clean and tidy but will also mean that your employees can feel confident that their workplace is taking the necessary precautions to protect their health. 

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