Why We Clean To CQC Guidelines

24/01/2020 by

Eve Ashby

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or a veteran of general practice, there will be one three-letter abbreviation you’ll never forget, and that’s ‘CQC’.

Businesses that provide public care rely on cleaning companies who will keep them compliant with standards laid out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

CQC is the independent regulatory body that monitors and regulates health and social care in England.

Doctors, dentists, clinics and care homes are among the community care providers required to adhere to CQC standards to remain operational.

Failing to keep to the CQC standard of cleanliness and can include closures, ruined reputations, and vulnerable people being left without services they urgently need. So it is essential you have a cleaning team that has you fully prepared should you receive the dreaded phone call to preempt a visit if you are unsure of your cleaning practices. Having a cleaning team that is going to ensure your company or service is prepared and working to good practices.

But how to find a commercial cleaning company you can really trust to keep you CQC-compliant?

Questions to ask when looking for a commercial cleaning service that is CQC compliant:

  • Are they aware of CQC cleaning standards?
  • Do they have a rigorous training program for new employees that trains them to understand client expectations?
  • Do they provide staff with the tools needed to exceed client expectations?
  • Are they professional looking – i.e. do they wear uniforms? (a sign that they take pride in what they do)

Here at Archway Facilities, we have clients and practices that can verify our high standards. Ask us about keeping your business functioning at the standard for the CQC.