Office cleaning service for technical equipment and switchboards.

Our office cleaning service is important to help staff and businesses keep their office workplaces as healthy as possible and to prevent office illness with excellent hygiene. This is why workstation hygiene is undeniably important because the health of staff is directly & positively affected if they work on cleaner, healthier workstations. 

While many would agree that colds and flu bugs get passed around the office all too readily, how many take the necessary precautions to make sure bacteria and viruses are kept to a minimum on important office equipment? It is particularly important in call centres, hotdesk areas and open plan offices – it’s sensible workplace welfare policy to ensure users are not ‘cross contaminated’ and these high-use area are routinely disinfected

Archway Facilities provides a office cleaning service that keeps our customers computers, keyboards, telephones and other computer equipment clean and hygienic.

We provide this important office cleaning service service as part of our daily commercial cleaning routine by sanitising office electrical equipment including telephones, computers, keyboards & mice, photocopiers and scanners.

Your Desktop IT equipment (screens, keyboards, phones, mouse) – along with the staff who use the equipment – are the very components that keeps your company functioning/selling/supplying every single day. It therefore makes good business sense to keep Desktop IT clean, free from dust/dirt/bacteria and in good working condition. This means less breakage & downtime, helps reduce staff sickness and ensures equipment works better, for longer.

If you’re interested in learning more about our computer cleaning services and how we can help keep fight the office germs, contact us today for more information: Contact us here

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