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A review from Mercedes Benz, Exeter

A review from Mercedes Benz, Exeter

It’s always great to hear what our customers think of the service that we provide. We have been working with Mercedes since March 2017 and it’s brilliant that they are so happy with our services.

Here’s what they have to say:

“Archway are responsible for the entire building, which we believe is the best testament to their ability to consistently meet our high standards.

Having managed an extremely busy Mercedes-Benz Retailer, we understand there will always be problems when housekeeping is held to a high standard. One of Archway Facilities’ strengths is their ability to keep problems to an absolute minimum and act quickly to resolve any problems that do come up.

In our experience, Archway Facilities is always determined to meet or exceed our high expectations. At this point, we are enjoying an almost “worry-free” relationship, one that is producing for us the high standard of cleaning services we expect in our building.”

Steve Johnson, Service Manager