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CQC Cleaning of Practices in Exeter and surrounding areas.

The requirement for all GP and Dental Practices and Surgeries to be fully registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has intensified following a tightening of the regulations. It is now essential that all dental practices comply with the CQCs ongoing monitoring system and a key element of this relates to cleanliness and infection control within dentist premises.

Archway Facilities has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality Care Quality Commission (CQC) cleaning services in many kinds of medical facilities across Exeter, including GP and dental practices in both the NHS and private sector.

We are conversant with the requirements and will ensure that your establishment will be able to comply with the CQC’s ongoing monitoring system. To help surgeries we are suggesting that the following items are included in specifications where applicable.


Wipe clean and disinfect all handrails and banisters.

Wipe clean and disinfect all door handles and push plates

Wipe down and disinfect all work surfaces and sinks in treatment rooms.

Wipe clean and disinfect the top(s) of reception desk(s) and counters.

Wipe clean and disinfect all ancillary equipment in waiting areas (blood pressure checkers, height machines etc)

Wipe clean and disinfect the surface of couches and replace the paper roll.

Wipe clean and disinfect hard type waiting room furniture and spray disinfect soft furniture coverings.

TV / Patient monitors dust and clean screens.


Wipe clean and disinfect all couch frames in treatment rooms

You may want us to replace privacy curtains if you use disposable ones.


Wipe clean and disinfect the high level frame of privacy screens.

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